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Give yourself, or someone you love,

a gift of insight and cosmic perspective.
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Readings are

~by phone or Skype

~In person readings offered in Washington State

~90 minutes long, though allow 2 hours of time so we are not rushed

are recorded.  You receive a mp3 of  of the reading

​Follow Up Sessions 

​for returning clients

Astrology is a great tool to use for self-awareness and helping you focus month to month on what is on the current landscape. Receiving periodic readings during a year helps to deepen your understanding of the themes at play in your life and to explore the detail of how life is unfolding month to month. Each reading may include
*The Lunar Return and transits (current influences)for the coming months (different than annual transits)
*A focused exploration of a requested topic within the birth chart (ie career, money, health...)
*An indepth exploration of a signature energetic in your chart that we have previously discussed (like a T Square, Yod, Particular Planet...) ​
30 Minutes: $60
45 minutes: $75
60 minutes: $90
(each additional minute is $1) To take advantage of this offering, the first session must be booked within four months of another reading.

Free Readings
Book four readings within a year, and receive the fifth one on the house!


If you prefer, receive a free 15 minute reading for each person you refer who books a reading.

Free readings will focus on Transits/Progressions and current influences.

"People for millenia have been
looking into the
night sky as into a mirror...

Like the night sky, that deep inner
space is full of

yet its darkness and distances too
are spotted with
patterns, lights

and recognizable figures.  It can
become familiar,
like a face,

and from it we can find our

Thomas Moore
from "Care of the Soul"
Types of Readings                         

Life Path - Natal Reading
A comprehensive reading covering key areas of life, including underlying patterns and potential of relationships, career, finances, health, and more. The reading addresses life purpose and synthesizes different facets and themes of your life. 
Recommended for anyone new to astrology and interested in knowing more about what astrology can offer. The reading provides an orientation to the signature patterns of your life interpreted through the symbols and dynamics of the planets. For people who have had a natal reading before, it is periodically beneficial to receive an indepth perspective and overview of your life.
Cost: $135

Current Influences - Transits and Progressions
Receive insight and perspective on opportunities, challenges in current life and a heads up on what you may encounter for the coming year.  Challenges will be defined and options for meeting opportunities will be offered.
This is one of the most popular readings. Many clients receive this reading annually.
Cost:  $135

Relationships - ​Synastry and Composite
This reading reveals what you and your partner (or friend, colleague, 
family member) each want and need in relationship, how you are similar and different.. You will have increased clarity around how you both influence and effect each other, where you relationship is supportive, and where there is growth and need for negotiation. It will provide insight on why the two of you are in relationship.   
Cost: $155

Mythic Astrology:  The Archetypal Story of Your Life
A departure from traditional astrology, mythic astrology focuses on the personal mythology revealed in your chart. Seen through the lens of the ancient practices when planets were deities, the reading identifies the key planets, or deities, and the archetypal elements and story that is an underlying theme of your life. The reading happens in two sessions. The first session is an intake and orientation to mythic astrology with poses questions for you to contemplate.  The second session will outline your personal mythos.
Cost:  $185

Location - Astrocartography
Discover how different locations can catapult or thwart your endeavors and dreams. Where you live, or even chose to visit, can magnetize you to a planetary energy that can enhance, strengthen or challenge you. The reading explores locations you have previously lived, where you are now and discusses potential areas that would be beneficial if you were to move or visit. It includes current transits and optimal times to make a move.
Cost:   $135

Additional Options -

  This reading helps you to navigate your current work or business or help you identify the key elements that would define your vocation. Find added understanding of your strengths, how to maximize your weaknesses, and how to navigate current influences. Whether you are looking for a job, building your own business, managing others or wanting to get more out of your current job, a career reading can provide fundamental insight.

Lunar Return:  What is the focus for the month? Having monthly readings is like getting a tune up and provides an orientation to the opportunities and challenges that are immediately ahead. The reading covers the flavor of what is happening and options for how to reap the most benefits.

Electional:  Receive support in setting a date for a special event or grand opening, for surgery or a vacation. Astrology can help pinpoint the best dates for scheduling important events in your life. 

Fixed Stars:  Explores what fixed stars are aligned with your natal planets and how they influence and further define your life expression.  The fixed stars infuse a mythic and archetypal dimension to the natal planets and provide increased self-awareness that gives added dimension to understanding and moving through life.

Asteroids:  The asteroids: Juno,Pallas Athena, Vesta, Ceres and Eris offer a way to explore subtle distinctions between feminine energies and how the feminine manifests in your life, specifically in the area of relationships, wisdom, protection, focus, mothering and primal feminine power. Other asteroids can be included upon

Health:The chart reveals the strengths and weaknesses in your constitution of your physical body and underlying issues/patterns that can be resolved to increase health. Planets that are currently transiting your natal planets can cause added stress and health breakdown. Becoming aware of the dynamics of health patterns and issues, you gain perspective in being able to forge a path to a greater sense of well being.

Soul Purpose:  Looking at past life indicators,themes of what you are working with in this life and where you are being asked to transform and evolve in one or more aspects of your life, this reading focuses on the evolutionary urge and the nature of your becoming.