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Living with the Moon

4 Session Webinar

Four Sessions occurring over one Lunar Cycle

Look for the Fall 2019 webinar.  

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Enliven Your Relationship with the Moon
Discover ways to engage the Moon's Phases.
Maximize the potential of the Dark Moon period.
Strengthen reflective and intuitive sensibilities.
Align with cyclical time and ancestral wisdom.

*Regular Price: $95
Early Bird Rate: $80

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Thrive in a Mercury Retrograde!

A 75- Minute Webinar

Offered 2 -3 times a year, in conjunction with a  Mercury Retrograde period.

Be ready to thrive, not just survive in a Mercury Retrograde.  The next retrograde period is August 30 - September 22 .  This webinar will provide lots of information, humor and perspective on Mercury, the retrograde period, and insight into how this effects your chart and individual life
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Look for these Classes..

which are scheduled in response to expressed interest.

Intro to Mythic Astrology

The workshop provides an introduction to the methodology and the building blocks for seeing the birth chart as a map that illuminates the archetypal mythology that an individual is expressing through their life.
Carl Jung wrote, “I was driven to ask myself in all seriousness:  What is the myth you are living? I took it upon myself to get to know ‘my myth’ and I regarded this as the task of tasks.”  While the natal chart is often interpreted as a psychological portrait, Wendy Z. Ashley developed a methodology for how the chart can illuminate our ‘task of tasks’ and uncover the story of our lives and how the central themes are part of a myth, or larger story.  As we experience the ‘larger story’ that is reflected in our chart and lives, we have an increased awareness of our life path and the forces at play in shaping it.
The exploration of planets, stars and signs, seen through the lens of Mythic Astrology, will enrich and expand beginning, intermediate and professional astrologers' understanding within the astrological tradition(s) they are currently using.  And it provides an entry point to an ancient and yet modern tradition of viewing the chart as an archetypal story. 

The Night Sky

An experiential course in learning the constellations of night sky seen over the course of a season.  A portion of the class will take place outdoors under the canopy of the stars.  We will watch the movement and procession of the planets and stars as we learn the constellations and stories told by different cultures about those constellations.

 A series of evening classes are offered for the Fall Season, The Winter Season (cold yes, but the winter sky is one of the most wonderful and dramatic skies) and of course for the Summer Season.  Each class is complete in itself and classes will also build on upon the other. 

Classes: Webinars & Workshops

Workshops, lectures and intensives are offered as webinars and on location .
If you are interested in a current or future offering, email
Experiential Astrology 101
The symbols, concepts, planets and signs come alive as participants engage in a dynamic interactive learning process.  The arts, imagination, activities and play make learning astrology fun.   Learning in an experiential format, astrology has added meaning and dimension because the relationship to the material presented has engaged all the senses, intuition, and body as well as the mind.  A great way for students new to astrology to absorb and synthesize terms and definitions and a valuable way for intermediate or advanced students to deepen their understanding of the foundational concepts.
Series 1 --
The personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), house system, elements and signs.
​Series 2 -
The social and outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and aspects.
Series 3 -
Synthesis - Putting it all together.
Each series is offered over five evenings or in a weekend intensive format.

Participants come together to embody and express the dynamics of each other’s birth charts. A large wheel outlining the nine houses is placed on the floor.  After instruction on key concepts, people are assigned a planet and take a position on the wheel as reflected in the natal chart that is being explored. Participants engage with the dynamics of through selected chart through improvisation and dialogue. 

A rudimentary understanding of astrology is helpful, such as is found in Series 1 of Experiential Astrology classes.  Otherwise beginner and professional astrologers, nonactors and experienced actors join together well in a lively exploration of a given chart as it comes to life in front of them. Classes are offered as an evening or weekend daylong workshop.

Living by The Moon
Nurturing The Creative Feminine
This experiential class will include instruction and exploration to illuminate the qualities of the moon as seen by the world's cultures through the lens of mythic and archetypal world stories.  the phase of the moon we are each born under indicates about our life the four, eight and 28 phases of the moon and how we can work with them in our daily lives. The mystery of the moon through the 12 zodiac signs. Using art and ritual, how each participant will develop a personal practice to relate to and honor the moon.

​Classes are often offered monthly for six months so that the cycles can be observed, reflected on and discussed as a class.